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Hansa Mixer offers a wide range of mixing and foam generators ranging from laboratory units to large production models. 

The PICO-MIX and PICO-MIX XL is a fully automated foam generator for nearly all non-food product requirements. It is frequently used in laboratories in the chemical, textile, nonwovens, carpet and floor covering industries for making foaming trials with small quantities.

Output range: from 1-12 kg/h to 2-25 kg/h 




The TOP-MIX is a dynamic foam generator for continuous foaming of pumpable media from all areas of general process technology. It's main areas of use along with the leather and plastics industries are adhesive production and processing as well as the textile industry.

Output range: from 3-36 kg/h to 40-400 kg/h



The ECO-MIX is an affordable, dynamic foam generator for almost any application. It is used for continuously foaming pumpable media with high and low viscosities. The ECO-MIX can be used in the chemical, carpet and textile finishing industries. 

Output Range: from 20-200 kg/h to 120-1,000 kg/h 




The COMPACT-MIX can be used everywhere. It is a large production machine with up to 3 pumps for foaming media with high and low viscosities. Areas of application include carpet, chemical industry, textile finishing, and latex mattress industry.

Output Range: from 50-400 kg/h to 300-2,000 kg/h




The UNI-MIX is Hansa Mixer's big one.  It is a large production machine with up to 5 additive pumps for continuous foaming of media with high and low viscosities. It is ideal for use in the carpet, textile, and nonwovens industries.

Output Range: from 650-1,300 kg/h to 600-10,000 kg/h



VARIOUS-MIX is an inline compounding mixer for mixing or compounding up to 3 dry materials such as powders, granulates, production waste and recycled materials and with up to 10 additive pumps for fluid materials. Areas of use include latex mattresses, carpets, textiles.

Output Range: from 160-1,300 kg/h to 1,000-10,000 kg/h