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We represent primarily European-based, Nonwoven, Synthetic Fiber, and Perforating machinery and equipment manufacturers. We also serve the NAFTA countries and maintain a spare parts inventory for many of the companies we represent and offer an extensive spare parts sourcing program for industry related European-made equipment.



Perforated Projection Screens
for Cinemas and Home Theaters

Perforated Release Film for
Vacuum Bagging

Perforated Wood Veneer for
Wall and Ceiling Panels

Vinyl Wallcovering

Adhesive Vinyl Decals

Perforated Leather Car Seats

Perforated Polyester
Cartridge Filter Outer Wrap

Placed Perforations for
Non-repeating Perforated
Leather Designs

Perforated Projection Screens for Cinemas and Home Theaters


Perforations in movie screens allow the audio speakers to be situated behind the screen without compromising the speaker sound quality. A vast array of speakers behind the full width of the cinema screen allows the source of the sound to match the location of the action taking place on the screen. Perforated projection screens are also used in aircraft and naval training simulators.

WISTA® offers punch perforating machines with an assortment of perforating patterns that can be used for cinema screens that are viewed from a distance and small patterns for home theater screens that are viewed up close.

WISTA Perforating Machine for Widths
Up to 138"

Perforating Pattern for Cinema Screens

Perforating Pattern for Home Theater Screens

Precision Punch Perforation of Wood Veneer For Noise Reducing Wall and Ceiling Panels



Acoustic wall and ceiling panels consisting of a sound-absorbing core and a wood veneer face can achieve very high Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) ratings by micro-perforating the veneer face with very small, almost invisible, holes. The wood panels can significantly reduce noise in large open areas, such as auditoriums, hotel lobbies, conference rooms, libraries, airport terminals, and casinos without sacrificing the pleasing aesthetic appearance of the wood veneer. The space therefore remains pleasing to both the eye and the ear.


WISTA punch perforating machines can perforate wood
veneer with holes as small as 0.4mm diameter and a
density as high as 300,000 holes per square meter.

Micro-Perforated Wood Veneer 

Micro-Perforated Wall covering for the Commercial Building Industry

Micro-perforated wall coverings are sometimes required in hotels, condos and apartments, especially those in humid climates, because the invisible perforations allow moisture to escape from behind the wall coverings. This prevents mold growth, which can occasionally take the form of very dangerous strains, with the possibility of causing serious health concerns and associated liability issues. 


WISTA Rotary Pin Perforating Machine for
Micro-Perforating Vinyl Wallcovering

Pin perforating tools can produce
"invisible" holes as small as 20 micron

Micro-Perforated Vinyl Adhesive Film for Decals


Micro-perforating creates bubble-free adhesive decals by allowing air bubbles to escape through the film. The adhesive film can be applied smoothly and cleanly, with no air bubbles trapped beneath the vinyl decals. The bubble-free smoothness of the decal surface also reduces the possibility of abrasions of tears, extending the life of the decal.

WISTA Rotary Pin Perforating Machine for
"bubble free" micro-perforating adhesive vinyl.

Pin rings can easily be
removed by sliding them off
the cantilevered mandrel.

Precision Punch Perforated Leather Car Seats for the Automotive Industry

 Perforated car seats allow ventilation to pass through the seat to provide better breathing between the occupant and the seat. Perforated car seats are said to be cooler in warm weather since air can flow easily through the seat.

Cars with active seat ventilation ensures that air circulates throughout the seat constantly, removing moisture and helping prevent discomfort or driving fatigue. In addition to blowing cool air, active seat ventilation can also blow warm air through the perforations to maintain a perfectly comfortable temperature. Perforations can also create a luxury or sporty appearance.


Leather hides and pre-cut pieces can be perforated on a WISTA Leather Perforating Machine

Perforated Release Film Used in the Vacuum Bagging Process for Making Composites and Laminates


Perforated release films are used in the vacuum bagging of carbon fiber and fiberglass parts. The release films are used to control resin flow and to bleed off excess resin and volatiles in the fabrication of composites and laminates.

The perforated release films are used by customers in a wide variety of industries - not only aerospace, automotive, and other transportation industry customers, but also customers in the alternative energy and recreational sports industries. WISTA supplies perforating tools with its machines that create hole patterns according to published industry standards for release film.

WISTA Perforating Machine for Release Film


Perforated Polyester Cartridge Filter Outer Wrap for the Filtration Industry


Perforated polyester film or polyester nonwoven can replace the more traditional perforated metal tubes used for the outer housing of cartridge filters.

In addition to being able to be recycled, the polyester outer wrap can be printed - such as with the filter manufacturer's logo or with the logo of the customer.


WISTA Perforating Machine for Polyester Filter Outer Wrap

Outer wrap has an open area
of approx 40%


Placed Perforations for Unrestricted Perforated Leather Designs

You're designing a new car's interior with beautiful leather seating. You've dreamed of adding random perforated designs such as gradients or wave for beauty and functionality. And, maybe your brand's logo. Manufacturing says it can't be done.

Perforating equipment is now available to make your dreams come true. It uses single-stroke dies to "place" perforations in random patterns. You can now enjoy unrestricted freedom of design, creating non-repeating, random patterns on leather seating.


Single-Stroke Perforating Machine WS-SS

Single-Stroke Tool

Placed Perforations